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Automat - Electro Automat

Deakin Davenset Rectifiers purchased Automat in 1997 and continues to manufacture DC standby systems and battery chargers to the same design standards as have been made and supplied worldwide since 1970.

A complete service

Electro Automat designs and manufactures AC & DC equipment to client specifications, wherever feasible without variation, regardless of the electrical, physical or environmental limits imposed.

Installation and commissioning

Electro Automat operates a worldwide site survey, installation, commissioning and maintenance service using its own team of engineers.

EMC compliance

All DC/AC Standby Power Systems comply with the requirements of BS EN 50081 Part 2 for emissions and BS EN 50082 Part 2 for immunity.

General product range

DC power supplies, military battery charging systems, mine winder control systems, GEM 80 sets, cathodic protection systems, electric vehicle battery chargers, commercial battery chargers, as well as electrical and electronic sub-contracting.


Download our Automat Power Systems brochure (PDF).

Download our DC Battery Chargers brochure (PDF).

Download our Electro Automat Spares List (PDF).

If you would like more information about our Automat - Electro Automat products please contact us.


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