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Deakin Davenset

The company was formed in 1979 and continues to this day, a vast range of products have been manufactured over that period of time and supplied to a range of customers worldwide .

Over the years Deakin Davenset Rectifiers took over manufacture from Partridge Wilson and Co Ltd ( The original Davenset ) and Westinghouse Davenset Rectifiers Ltd in Chippenham, as well as purchasing Brooknes and Automat - Electro Automat (UK ) Ltd.

The range of equipment manufactured today comprises:

  • Automative battery chargers for use in Garages
  • DC Systems for standby power
  • AC UPS systems for emergency back up
  • Switch tripping and closing DC chargers
  • Cathodic Protection DC systems
  • HT Precipitator Supplies for dust particle removal
  • Line Commutators for discharging and charging batteries


Download our Secure DC Power Supplies brochure (PDF).

Download our Cathodic Protection Systems brochure (PDF).

Download our Automotive Power Chargers brochure (PDF).

Download our Ground Power Units brochure (PDF).

Download our Rectifiers for Electrostatic Precipitation brochure (PDF).

Download our Two Way Power Converter brochure (PDF).

Download our Deakin Davenset Rectifiers Spares List (PDF).

If you would like more information about our Deakin Davenset products please contact us.


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