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Deakin Davenset Rectifiers Ltd purchased Brooknes in 1994 - Brooknes manufactured a range of Switch tripping and closing equipments since 1976.

DDR Ltd continues to manufacture the same range of Switch tripping and closing supplies with high quality Ni Cad batteries as well as a range of Capacitor trip units.

Advantages of using Brooknes

Due to the inherent low maintenance requirements of vacuum switchgear, this battery equipment, which requires no topping up service, is ideally suited to the application.

Low maintenance is only one advantage, others are:

  • Smaller physical size compared to wet cells
  • Very flat discharge curve
  • Low charger input power
  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower installation costs

General product range

Units are available for 30, 50 and 110 volt operation, and the basic units are suitable for switchboard or wall mounting. Larger cubicles can be supplied for floor standing, and other variations, together with alarms are available.


Download our Brooknes Switch Gear brochure (PDF).

Download our Brooknes Tripping Battery Units brochure (PDF).

If you would like more information about our Booknes products please contact us.


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